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        The company ALULINEARTECHNIK AG, is a manufacturer/ producer, which operates in the wheels, castors and rollers industry. It also operates in the bearings - ball, needle and roller bearings, antifriction cutting - machine tools and machine tools - metal machining industries. It is based in Beringen, Switzerland.

        BDI was founded in Cleveland, Ohio in 1935, is a global company experienced in developing and deploying custom distribution and supply chain solutions for our customers. From 200+ locations in 12 countries, BDI serves multiple industries.

        BDI CHINA (full name is BDI (Tianjin) Bearing Co., Ltd) is the wholly owned subsidiary of BDI and is one of the best strategic partners of ALULINEARTECHNIK AG. Large stock allows us to provide you with best price and quick delivery.


        Send Inquiries and Contact Now: marketing2@bdichina.com

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